Learn more about CACV

You may have received a letter in the mail referencing CACV of Colorado, LLC. Or maybe you saw the name on your credit report.

Your Connection to CACV

It all starts with an account that you opened. This may have been a credit card, or a loan from a lender or installment loan provider.

  1. You used this account.
    (credit card, store card, loan)
  2. You missed one or more of your scheduled payments.
  3. Over time if you can’t keep up with your required payments, the initial owner or originator of the account will likely “charge-off” the account without being repaid.

What does this mean?

When your account is charged off, it means that the creditor has determined that you’re not likely to bring your account back to good standing and has decided to prevent you from making any additional purchases on the account. After charge off, some creditors choose to sell your account to another party. This does not mean the debt goes away. It just means that you now owe the debt to the new owner.

Your Account Has A New Owner: CACV

You still owe your debt but the new owner is CACV. CACV outsources the management of its portfolio of accounts to a company called Resurgent Capital Services. Resurgent Capital Services is a licensed third-party debt collector specializing in the management of these types of consumer assets. Resurgent may contact you directly or may ask one of their collection agency partners to help them reach out to you.

What's Next?

Debt can be confusing and stressful. Rest assured that CACV only works with fully licensed, reputable, trustworthy companies. Resurgent , on behalf of CACV, seeks to empower you to understand and take control of your debt.

Please direct all inquiries to Resurgent.

Resurgent Capital Services can assist you with any questions regarding your CACV-owned account and work with you to resolve your outstanding balance.

Resurgent Capital Services